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Dan brinkmeier

  I’ve always been a representational artist, and from an early age I drew images in order to tell stories, using narrative as a way toescape the real world and perhaps enable myself to live in a world of my own making. When I was a kid, I could draw things “out of my head;” I apparently had a pretty strong visual memory in that I could remember what things looked like and draw them later. People always told me I was going to be an artist one day, and so my identity was formed very early on. An artist is all I ever thought I’d be. Today, I consider my work to have a didactic role similar to that of educational materials or religious images— images you could use in a church or school to teach a lesson, and tell a story so that people remember it in whatever way they want. Sometimes that story is fictional, sometimes it is based on something that has really happened, Sometimes, it’s a little of both. For me, art is a little bit about fables— and illusions. 

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