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our history


In 1907, a group of Mt. Carroll Township citizens, wishing to establish a library, garnered support and secured a building site, maintenance tax levy, and submitted blueprints to Andrew Carnegie. The plans were approved by Mr. Carnegie, and a two-story brick building was completed in May of 1908. 

After the building construction was completed, 1,250 books were cataloged and classified, and the Mt. Carroll Township Public Library opened its doors in August of 1908.

The first floor was originally utilized for general fiction, as well as several newspapers and current periodicals. The second floor north room was utilized as a Law Library and the south for reference materials. 

In 1975, the Library was completely redecorated and carpeted throughout. Presently, the library collections count 17,000 titles. As in the past, the library carries several newspapers, as well as current periodicals. Additionally today the library also holds numerous DVDs and CDs and has computer (internet) access available.

The first floor is utilized for reference, fiction, computers, and periodicals. The children’s section is located in the north section of the second floor. The south section of the second floor houses older titles and westerns and is utilized for programming. 

The Library was converted to a Public Library District on July 1, 2016