A Poetry Workshop at the Mount Carroll Township Library
Thursday, September 17, 6:30 PM
Poet Carol Gloor, Facilitator
No Charge

Many of us don't read or try to write poetry because we think it's too hard, too "intellectual," and
we are not that way. This workshop will show you different. You can enjoy the poetry of
others, as well as write your own, for your own satisfaction, to share with family and friends, or
to get published. You don't have to make up something from thin air (although you can if you
want). Writing prompts will be provided and hints to get you started. You will then be given
time to write: rhyming, free verse or a prose poem (a poem which uses concentrated language
but which often is in sentences)whatever your heart tells you to do. You will then read your
work and learn to give and receive constructive criticism to and from others, to and from your
RSVP at 815-244-1751