Technology Resources

These resources can help you brush up on typing skills, learn the basics of using a computer, learn a new language and more!


  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics by Michael Miller
  • Survival Guide for Computer Literacy:  Making Your Way in the World of Computers
  • Computer Friendly!  by Raymond Steinbacher
  • Computers for Seniors (and Kids of All Ages):  The Guide to Email and the Internet (DVD)


  • Compu-KISS - Basic computer instructions for all ages.  Includes an impressive senior section that includes tutorials and information on selecting the right computer for home use.
  • How the Net Works - Describes how the internet works in easy to understand language.  Explains the differences between the Internet  and the World Wide Web and more.
  • Computer Channel at How Stuff Works - Networking, computer parts, Google-The Computer Channel at How Stuff Works will explain, well, how stuff works.
  • Netiquette - Provide simple rules of emailing and chatting online.
  • Senior Guide to Computers - An introduction to what your computer can do for you, how to send email, and how to back up your valuable documents and photos.
  • Typing Web - Sharpen your typing skills with this free online typing tutor.
  • Computer Accessibility  Resources and Tutorials at Microsoft