Living Green

Living Green - Books

MySpace Ourplanet:  Change is Possible by the MySpace Community  with Jeca Taudte
Generation Green:  The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-friendly Life by Linda Silversten
An Inconvenient Truth:  the Crisis of Global Warming by Al Gore

Living Green - Websites

Your Environment Your Choice - Guide from the United States Environmental Protection Agency including tips, resources, and career information just for teens. 
National Resources Defense Council - News and resources on environmental issues and simple steps you can take to help the planet.
TreeHugger - The Discovery Network's guide to all things green.
The Story of Stuff - Everyone has stuff, watch a short video to find out more about where stuff comes from and what happens when we get rid of it.
Photo Gallery:  Arctic Climate Change - Breath-taking photographs highlighting the effects of climate change.
World Wildlife Fund YouTube Channel - Watch videos about protecting the environment and endangered species.