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Friends of the Mount Carroll Library

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Mount Carroll Township Public Library is a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers who support the library and its mission.  It is open to all who are interested in the library and wish its continued success.

What do the Friends Do?

The Friends sponsor events throughout the year to raise funds for the library and to promote use of the library by the community.

The Friends:

Completed the Library Centennial celebration with the Library Board in 2008.

Completed the restoration of the North Reading room of the Library with Library Board oversight and support in 2008. ($20,000)

Purchased a plaque lising the former librarians and directors.

Currently implementing a 5 year plan to complete the restoration of the library. ($90,000)

Development of brochures and other marketing materials to promote the library.

Hold book and memorabilia sales to help raise funds for the library.

Currently, the Friends are busily raising funds to complete the library's renovation.

Why is This Important?

The Mount Carroll Township Public Library has served the community since its opening in 1908.  It is a Carnegie Library, one of a select group of libraries across the country built using grants from the Carnegie Foundation.  All of its exterior, and much of its interior, are in "as built" condition, a unique heritage for our community.  Updating the building to meet current needs while remaining true to its historical character and identity is an ongoing challenge.  Funding is always needed; all funds raised by the Friends will find a good use.  The newly completed North room restoration is testament to that.  We sincerely thank all of the volunteers, Board, and donors who helped to make that happen.

How to Participate?

Membership in the Friends is open to both residents of Mount Carroll and non-residents.  Persons of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.  Meetings are held at the library on the first Wednesday of each month.

Our Services for You

Your Library Card

Library cards are provided free of charge to all residents of our district, as part of your tax-supported library services. Your card gives you borrowing privileges here and at most public libraries in Illinois, access to special online resources, and more. Click here to learn how to get a library card.

Interlibrary Loan

If you need a book, DVD, or other item that we don't have, ask us to borrow it from another library for you. Request forms are available at the Circulation Desk.

Reference Desk

If you would like to reserve and item check with staff.  The New York Times bestseller list is on the check out count.  All items available at the Mount Carroll Township Public Library are highlighted.

Programs and Events

We have a regular schedule of educational and cultural events for all ages. See our calendar for details.


Patrons are limited to 30 minutes each day.  Longer if no one is waiting to use the computers.  Everyone who uses a library computer must follow our policy regarding computer and Internet use.

Photocopiers and Fax Machine

Copies cost: 25 cents for color and 15 cents for black & white.
Fax cost: $.50 per transaction .

Community/Meeting Room

Call ahead to reserve the 2nd floor South room available for meetings.  Any group wishing to use the Community Room must agree to follow library policies.

Past Librarians

Mount Carroll Township Public Library

Luveta Emmert…………..1908-1914

Grace Oberheim…………1915-1918

Esther Clark………………..1918-1920

Floy Orr……………………… 1920-1922

Ruth Buxton………………..1922-1924

Alice Clark…………………..1924-1928

Roberta Williamson…..1928-1959

Lucille Miller……………….1959-1961

Vera L. Fetterolf…………1961-1972

Dorothy Caldwell………1972-2001

Michel Siblik……………….2000-2002

Joan Rush Hough………2002-2010


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always welcome at the Mount Carroll Township Public Library.  The MTPL Application and Skills Assessment Forms are available at the Circulation Desk.  Both forms must be completed on site.  Volunteers will be contacted as opportunities become available.  Below are just some ideas of how volunteers can help.


There are a variety of opportunities including sorting materials, assisting staff with weekly assignments, special projects and other opportunities based on volunteer skills and Library needs. All opportunities would be scheduled in advance, and not be regular positions.


Whether you are volunteering for school classes, scholarship/college applications, job or personal interests, applications are always accepted. We offer a variety of special tasks throughout the year.

To all volunteers, the Mount Carroll Township Public Library will:

  • provide a general orientation
  • coordinate a schedule to meet the needs of the individual and the Library
  • offer volunteer opportunities that are interesting and challenging
  • appreciate your willingness to share your time and talents with the Library

Volunteers will be asked to:

  • be courteous to Library users and staff
  • be familiar with and comply with relevant Library policies at all times
  • notify the Library if you cannot come for your scheduled volunteer time

Library Policies

Below are some of the policies about the public's use of the library.

Behavior in the Library

If a patron is creating a disturbance or causing problems in the library, the library staff has the authority or right to tell that patron to leave the library. If that patron refuses to comply and continues to cause problems, the police can then be contacted to remove the patron from the library.

Circulation Policy


The Mount Carroll Township Public Library has established, in addition to the schedule for lost or damaged items, the following schedule of fines for overdue materials, as well as fees for other services provided by the Mount Carroll Township Public Library.

Overdue materials
Books:  .10 cents per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.
Books on CD:  .10 cents per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.
DVDs:  $1.00 per day, not to exceed the cost of the item.

Patrons with responsibility for material in any format which is more than 90 days overdue are also responsible for any and all collection and/or court costs incurred by the library in its effort to secure the return of the material.

Copies:  .15 cents per page for black/white copies.  .20 cents per page for color copies.  If enlargement or reduction is required by the patron, the per page fee applies to each step in that process.  Enlargement and reduction is not an exact science and may take several pages.

Fax/transmission:  $1.00 per page.  Faxes are sent only within the continental United States.  The cover sheet is excluded from the per page fee if the fax (including cover sheet) is more than one page in length. 

Fax/receipt:  $1.00 per page.  The Mount Carroll Township Public Library assumes no responsibility of notification of the receipt of a fax for an individual.  The fax will be held by the library for one week and then discarded if not picked up.  No effort to notify the individual of the arrival of the fax will be made.

Computer printouts:  .15 cents per page for black/white printouts.  .20 cents per page for color print outs.  The fee applies to all material printed by library printers including, but not limited to, Internet downloads, personal work, and graphics.

Photo prints from USB:  .30 cents per photo.  If enlargement or reduction is required by the patron, the per page fee applies to each step in that process.  Enlargement and reduction is not an exact science and may take several pages.

Community Room Use

Rules for meeting room use

a. Reservations for the meeting room have to be made by a resident of the library's jurisdictional area.  The Librarian on duty will take care of scheduling.

b.  Minors may use the room but must have a responsible adult present as a chaperone and adults must book the room for minoirs.

c.  Rooms may be booked three months in advance.

d.  Meetings must be held during regular library hours and meetings must end at least 15 minutes before the library closes.

e.  Smoking and alcholoic beverages are not allowed on library property.

f.  Light refreshments such as cookies etc may be served.

g. If a room is not left in good condition and requires clean up by library personnel, a $20. per hour fee will be charged.

h.  All meetings must be open to the public.

Computer/Internet Use

The Library reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or ban any patron from using the library equipment and computers. Use is limited to patrons in good standing, i.e., all fines have been paid, all overdue materials have been returned, any lost materials have been paid for, and the patron has a current local library card.


Exception:  Non-patrons may use the library equipment and computers to access the Illinois Legal Aid website.


Anyone under the age of _9____ must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using library equipment or computers. Reservations for equipment or computer use can be made at the circulation desk, and without them usage is on a “first come, first served” basis.  However, all patrons shall log in at the circulation desk prior to use to avoid conflicts with reserved times. If a user has not logged in at the circulation desk, that user will be required to give up the usage if a patron who has logged in or made a reservation is waiting.


In addition, these rules apply for library computer (non-Internet) use: Usage is limited to __30___ minute blocks; however, the patron may continue to use the computer in 15 minute intervals until another patron wishes to use it. If a patron is more than 15 minutes late for a reserved time, the computer becomes open. If a patron is less than 15 minutes late, the allocated time will not be extended to reflect the tardiness. Copyright laws forbid duplication of copyrighted software. The Library may restrict the use of personal software on library computers.

Unattended Children

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the Library. The Mount Carroll Township Public Library staff is committed to help children with activities related to the Library. However, Library staff cannot, nor is it their responsibility to serve as baby-sitters, teachers, or disciplinarians. Violations of this policy are grounds for suspension of library privileges. Whenever advisable, the Library will notify the parent of incidents involving an unattended child. [Form follows.]


Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied and directly supervised at all times by a parent or other responsible caregiver. When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, or the parent or responsible caregiver cannot be located, or if the Library is closing, Library staff is authorized to call the police and stay with the child until the police arrive.


From time to time, the Mount Carroll Township Public Library schedules or provides programs which are designed and suitable for attendance by children without parental supervision. Such program announcements will so indicate, and if no indication is included, then supervision is required.  When so indicated, if the parent or caregiver intends to be absent, they must leave word at the circulation desk as to their whereabouts and, if possible, a phone number where they or a responsible adult can be contacted.


Children over the age of 9 may use the Library unattended by an adult, subject to other Library rules and policies concerning behavior, conduct, and demeanor.


History of the Library

The library is one of the many libraries in the country built by Andrew Carnegie.  Mr. Carnegie gave ten thousand dollars to build the library, but he doubted if a two story library could be built for ten thousand dollars.  The Mount Carroll committee of citizens assured him they had secured a site for the library.  The library was started in 1907 and was completed in May 1908, within the ten thousand dollar budget.  Mr. Carnegie was so pleased that he sent and additional thousand dollars for the purchase of desks, chairs, tables, and book stacks.  And it was reported that Mr. Carnegie said “It is one of the few libraries I have given in which there was no graft in building.”

After the completion of the library, Miss Hass of Savanna and Mrs. Luverta Emmert classified and catalogued the one thousand two hundred and fifty books with which the library stated operating.  The cataloguing and classifying was finished in August 1908, and it was during this month that the library was opened to the public.

Prior to the building of City Hall, City Council meetings were held in the basement room of the library.

The first floor consists of books for general use and some of the daily and weekly newspapers, as well as current magazines.  The second floor has a legal library, which at intervals is used by members of the legal professions.  The law books of the late Judge Shaw are on these shelves.  Upon the death of his two daughters, Udise and Effie, sufficient funds were left to the library with which to purchase new law books from time to time.  Also on the second floor is a reference room with numerous reference books, which are used frequently by students and others.

The library has been used by organizations for different purposes.  Among these organizations are the Red Cross, County Medical Association, Girl Scouts, Christian Science Group, and it was the U. S. O. during the Second World War.

The first boards of directors were Ralph Eaton, Senior President; William Nipe, Vice President; Norman C. Smith and T. A. Wachtel, members; George D. Campbell, Treasurer; and Charles Schalle, Secretary. 


Job Openings

Our job openings are posted on the RAILS - REACHING ACROSS ILLINOIS LIBRARY SYSTEM website.

Illinois State Library Services

The Illinois State Library provides you with services directly, through us, and in cooperation with other agencies.

Current Staff

Director - Pam Naples
Librarian - Diane Manikowski